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Abstract :

As you know, cardiovascular diseases are a common cause of death and disability, among them a special place is occupied by stroke. To determine the quantitative parameters of blood flow of the main brain vessels in patients with left hemispheric ischemic stroke (HIS). Transcranial dopplerography (TD) of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) and middle cerebral vein (MCV), the Rosenthal’s vein, the Galena’s vein and Straight sinus (SS) was performed in 89 patients with HIS. The comparative group (CG) was organized from 52 patients without cardiovascular diseases. The maximum systolic velocity (Vs), the end diastolic velocity (Vd), the resistance index (RI) in MCA, and the Vs of the main brain veins were determined. Sistolic blood flow velocity in the mid-cerebral artery in 85.4% of patients was below 70 cm/s and averaged, 54.9 ± 7.1 cm/s. In 9.2% of cases, the size of the affected area in the left hemisphere did not exceed 1 cm according to the results of tomography, and in 90.8% of cases it ranged from 1 cm to 2 cm According to the results of TD, MSA stenosis was detected in 78 (87.6%) cases, which was confirmed by MRI angiography. Among the patient with the Hemispheric ischemic stroke the Rosenthal’s vena was visualized in 81 (91,0%) cases, the Galen’s vena – in 83 (93,3%) cases, the median cerebral vein (MCV) - in 75 (84,3%) and the Straight sinus - in 79 (88,9%) cases, respectively. In a patients of the comparative group, visualization of this veins was successful in 42 (80.8%), 47 (90.4%), 31 (59.6%) and 32 (61.5%) cases, respectively. In a patients with HIS, all the main cerebral veins were visualized significantly (P <0.05 and P <0.001) more often than in the CG (with the exception of the Galen vein). In a patient with HIS Vs in the deep median cerebral vein was 25.3+3.6 cm/s; in the basal vein of the brain -24.9+2.6 cm/s; in the large vein of the brain -26.3+2.1 cm/s; in the direct sinus, 32.1 ± 2.6 cm/s, respectively. Stenosis of the middle cerebral artery, a decrease in systolic blood flow velocity less than 70 cm/s, an increase in resistance index more than 0.70 and in the pulsation index more than 1.35 is a frequent finding in ischemic stroke. The correspondence between the severity of the stroke and the value of the systolic blood flow velocity in the cerebral veins was revealed. Good visualization of the main cerebral veins is due to the increase in blood flow velocity in them