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Abstract :

The purpose of this study, was to determine whether hypoxia preconditioning can protect corneal stromal cells from UV stress and cytokine mediated apoptosis. Two models were implemented. First, primary cultured bovine corneal fibroblasts were preconditioned with 0.5–1.5% O2 for 4 hr and stressed with UV-irradiation or stimulation of Fas receptor. Second, bovine eyes were preconditioned with 0.5% O2 for 4 hr and stressed by epithelial scraping to induce anterior keratocyte apoptosis. Cell fate was analyzed at 4 hr after stress using quantitative TUNEL or condensed nuclei assays. Cell apoptotic rates in hypoxia preconditioned groups were significantly lower (50–80%) than that of normoxia control groups. Hypoxia prevented the degradation of the transcription factor HIF-1α. CoCl2 (100–200 μM), a chemical inducer of HIF-1α, also produced strong protection against UV and Fas induced apoptosis. Moreover, hypoxia preconditioned media protected cells against UV-induced apoptosis. These findings demonstrate that hypoxia preconditioning has a generalized protective effect against stromal fibroblast and keratocyte apoptosis and suggest that HIF-1α mediated expression and secretion of protective factors is involved.